My name is Mo. I started Kind and Casual to offer online Mind-Body Skills Groups. These are educational, supportive groups built upon developing self-care skills. Mind-Body Skills Groups have been developed over the last 30 years according to a model created by the Founder and Executive Director, James S. Gordon, MD, and the Faculty and Staff of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

When the opportunity to join an online skills group was offered through my workplace, I signed up with little thought about what it was. It turned out to be one of the most transformative events in my life. However, I believe I would have not joined had it been a live, in-person skills group. With that being said, I'm inspired to provide the same opportunity to people like myself. This might be for you if you have some social anxiety but want to try mind-body skills virtually.

You'll learn skills and integrative techniques in these supportive group environments, such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training, breath work, movement, self-expression, and other approaches. These techniques were meticulously curated for their history of effectiveness and scientifically backed results.

An online Mind-Body Skills Group is grounded in self-reflection. Sharing and connecting with others creates an excellent learning and growth environment that supports individual and collective well-being. We are neither fixers nor advise-givers. In a Mind-Body Skills Group, we are witnesses to each other's emotions and experiences. And perhaps we will also witness each other's healing and transformation.

Using these skills in a structured group setting allows each participant with opportunities to experience themselves, be mindful, and be aware of their unconscious mind. In these experientials, the participant may find the connection between the mind and body. Making this connection is key to hearing what the mind and body need to start healing from trauma and begin the process of transforming into a happier self.

Groups emphasize a sense of community. They are small, with 8–10 people, and meet on a set day and time for eight sessions (usually weekly), with each group lasting 2 hours. This format provides an opportunity to begin to integrate mind-body skills into your life, both natural and practical, with the support of the group to help you work through any difficulties along the way. This is neither a webinar nor an open or drop-in group. This is not a therapy group! Instead, this is a highly supportive educational group with a facilitator who is also an equal participant in the group.

Center for Mind Body Medicine

The CMBM Model

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine creates communities of hope and healing. It is the world’s largest, most effective evidence-based program for healing population-wide psychological trauma and stress. Bringing together a variety of techniques drawn from the world’s healing traditions and modern medicine, the model teaches whole populations to heal themselves.

The goal is to equip children and adults in my community to:

  • Understanding what stress and trauma are and how they impact physical and emotional health

  • Utilize evidence-based self-care techniques to improve health and well-being in everyday life

  • Provide a safe place to be honest, open communication that respects all participants and welcomes the healthy expression of emotion.

Join a group

Mind-Body Skills Groups

A Mind-Body Skills Group provides participants with a remarkable opportunity to relax, alleviate some stress, begin to heal trauma, and build resilience.

Groups and workshops are available online. If you are interested, please send a message to the email; mindbodymo@gmail.com

My Own Profound Moment

In an imagery experiential called Safe Place, I had a moment, an epiphany, that changed how I see my past.

Here's what past participants have to say about skills group

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- Clarice Turner

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- Brian Moten

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- Joyce Gould

My blog

About Me

After stumbling into a Mind Body Medicine skills group at the height of the COVID19 pandemic, I was forever changed after participating in a skills group. I was able to identify issues I couldn't quite name but certainly could feel was present. I was so amazed, as if just by meeting my elusive issues resulted in feeling less burdened—a weight was lifted off my mind and body. Since then, I've been on a journey of transformation. Not only was I on my own journey of healing, but I was so inspired, I learned and train to share with others they too, have an opportunity to participate in their own healing. Two and half years later, I am trained and certified to facilitate Mind Body Medicine skills group. My hope is to bring this process and share it with my own community—to be a part of the mantra train thousands to help millions.

For more information about Mind Body Medicine (TM) visit cmbm.org.